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Pool Stools

liquidseat pool stools

For residential and commercial pool owners, there is a new way to enjoy your pool. The Liquidseat pool stool allows you sit in your pool and enjoy poolside drinks as well as the company of your guests. Designed to sit at the bottom of your pool, our pool stools lie evenly in the pool whether you're alongside the coping or in the middle of the shallow end.

Other pool stool accessories require weights to stay at the bottom of the pool. The Liquidseat was designed to sink to the bottom of the pool - all you have to do it throw it in and watch it sink. Since not all pool owners want a permanent swim up bar at their pool, we've made our pool stools easily removable. Just lift them out of the water and stack them away.

Pool stools are a unique way to enjoy your backyard pool, and the Liquidseat makes it easy.


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