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Removable Pool Seats vs Permanent Pool Seats

We wanted to point out the differences between removable Liquidseat pool seats and compare them to permanent, built-in pool seating. 

Permanent pool seating looks great but there are a lot of things that people don’t think about…. First off, the pool seats are built-in, so if you have a lot of kids running around and jumping in the pool, you can’t move them out of the way. This could present a safety hazard. Secondly, they aren't always practical in that things can get "hung up" on the permanent pool seat.  One problem we see is that if you have a pool sweep, it will most likely wrap around the seat, get stuck and remain there until it is physically moved out of the way.  In this picture, these pool seats are not close enough to the side of the pool to set a drink down and be able to reach it. They have also caused a problem in that the rebar is rusting through. This would be a great area to jump in the pool but since they are permanent seats the area is not conducive to multiple activities. 
Removable Pool Seats vs Permanent Pool Seats
Liquidseats are removable swimming pool seats that are light weight and can easily be put in the pool when you want to use them and then pulled out when you don’t. They have an integrated weighting system that will sink the seat to rest on the bottom of the pool. They only weight 13 lbs so they are practical and easy to move.
Here is a picture of the underside of the seat. It is lightweight and easy to carry.
Light Weight Pool Seat
This photo illustrates that it is easy to put in the pool when you are ready to use it. Just throw it in!
Pool Seat that is Easy!
Once the seat is in the pool, it is easy to move around to a desired location so that one can most enjoy it!
Easily movable Pool Seats
Lastly, putting in pool seating after your pool is built can be very costly. It most likely requires draining the pool and involves construction of added rebar into the pool shell. Liquidseats are a great solution to add pool seating to your pool anytime! 
Learn more about Liqudseats and get yours today!

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