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Liquidseat is a patented, submersible swim-up bar stool that can add a relaxing and fun atmosphere to residential and commercial pools. We are happy to answer questions about our product, so if you don’t see your answer below, feel free to get in touch with us at info@liquidseat.com.


A1. No, Liquidseat's submersible bar stool has an internal weighting system and is ready to throw in the pool upon arrival. Other pool seats use sand and water to submerge their stools to the pool bottom. Not, Liquidseat. It is easy to install and remove.
A2. Small holes in the top of the Liquidseat allow air to escape so it can sink to the bottom of your pool. 
A3. The Liquidseat weighs approximately 18lbs -21lbs.
A4. We offer 3 different size Liquidseat bar stools 23in, 24in, & 32in.   
23in - Top of the seat is 14in & bottom is 18in                                                                           
24in - Top of the seat is 13in & bottom is 18in 
32in - Top of the seat is 13in & bottom is 18in   
A5. The 23in & 24in Liquidseat work best in about 3ft to 3.6 ft. depth. The 32in Liquidseat works best in 3.7ft -4ft depth. 


A6. For optimal performance and comfort, the swim up bar stool needs to sit on a flatter surface of the pool. We suggest a minimum of 3 ft. x 4 ft. area for 2 seats. 
A7. What is a swim-up bar without a clean pool. Most residential and commercial pool cleaners are able to push the seat out of the way. We recommend removing the Liquidseat after use so that it doesn’t get moved to the deep part of the pool.
A8. Yes, when you are done with the seats, you can just pull them out of the pool.  
A9. Yes, Liquidseat swim-up bar stools can be stacked up to 3 or 4 seats on top of each other and stored away until your next use.
A10. Liquidseat was created by Pure Liquid Pool Products, LLC. Learn more about the company and the product here.
A11. Liquidseat offers a 30-day return policy. Learn more about it here.

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