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After hibernating during the dreadful winter period, summer is finally here, and the accompanying cozy feel and the heat will be upon us all through. For some of us, summer comes with lots of goodies, including relaxing at the pool and lazing with a drink on one hand and Instagramming on the other. But hey! These are just what an individual needs if he or she is to enjoy a glamorous summer!

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Five Star Fabulous

Here are some of our favorite residential swim up bars! When you think of swim up bars, you might think they only exist at resorts. We love the idea of creating a fun atmosphere in your backyard. Some people create the whole atmosphere from the ground up as shown in these photos of amazing swim up bars. If you already have a pool and want to make it feel more like a resort pool, you can always add our Liquidseats to your existing pool.

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Pool furniture- swinging bed-liquidseat

Now is the time to start thinking about what pieces of pool furniture you could add to your backyard for optimal enjoyment this summer! We here at Liquidseat are all about bringing the vacation feel to your backyard.  We researched a few pool furniture items that we think would be a great addition to most pools.

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We wanted to point out the differences between removable Liquidseat pool seats and compare them to permanent, built-in pool seating. 
One problem we see is that if you have a pool sweep, it will most likely wrap around the seat and get stuck and remain there until it is physically moved out of the way. 
In this picture, these pool seats are not close enough to the side of the pool to set a drink down and be able to reach it. They have also caused a problem in that the rebar is rusting through. This would be a great area to jump in the pool but since they are permanent seats the area is not conducive to multiple activities. 

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 fun pool games - pool ping pong

Looking for some fun games for your swimming pool this summer? Check out these fun pool games! Great for adults and kids alike, these games are sure to add the fun to your pool this season.




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Modern Pool by Kelowna General Contractors Okanagan Dream Builders Ltd.

Here at Liquidseat we are INTO swim up bars if you had not already guessed! Below we collected some of our favorite residential swim up bars. From tropical to modern these are some of the best pool bars we have seen. These homeowners know how to do it right when it comes to creating an amazing backyard experience. No need to go on vacation when you have paradise right in your own backyard!

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Pool Lights That Float in Your Pool -Waterproof designer pool lamp.

-Rechargeable for up to 12 hours illumination.

-Remote control for easy turn on turn off.

-Charging base is safe and easy to use. Lamp case is unbreakable.

-Provides white light and yellow candle effect as well as 160,000 colors with random, select or memory functions, so you can choose the color you would like.

-Can be used outside the pool as well.



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We at Liquidseat believe that if you want a spectacular outdoor environment, you must create it! Use cool outdoor pool furniture to liven up your outdoor space. It is a great start to have a pool but what pool furniture you put next to the pool is so important. Check out some of these great picks. 

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Pool furniture, Pool accessories, pool stool, pool seat

Liquidseat is a fully submersible removable seat. Create the Swim up Bar feel without adding permanent structure.

Can be used both IN-pool and poolside for socializing & lounging

Pool Furniture, Pool accessories, Pool seat, Pool stool, swim up bar















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