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Removable Swim Up Bar Seats versus Built-in Pool Seats

We LOVE our customers! We always enjoy hearing how much they love our pool seats! We wanted to base this blog on our most recent review to highlight why using our removable/portable pool seats might be better than building permanent seating in your pool. 

From a Happy Customer:
"Great addition to our pool. We love the stools for our pool. We almost paid the pool company to install some solid cement stools, so glad we changed our minds. These stools are less than half the price and they can be moved. They also are heavy enough they stay in one spot and only shift a little with the water's movement. We love the fact they are portable. They also look great outside the pool if needed for seating. I have two of the white ones and they blend in with the water and all of the light colors in our pool."

Liquidseat Pool Seats are superior in many ways to permanent seating:

  • Pool cleaners can get caught around built-in seating while they don't around Liquidseats.
  • Liquidseat pool seats are less expensive than building in new permanent pool seating when building a new pool and A LOT less expensive than modifying an existing pool to have built-in pool seats. 
  • Permanent pool seating might be set too far apart or not in an ideal location. You can move LIquidseat's portable pool seats around wherever you want them in the pool.
  • You don't have to dedicate part of your pool full time to permanent seating. Liquidseats are removable, you can remove them when you want to clear the space to jump in the pool or have your kids play in that area.
  • Liquidseats are also great to use outside the pool for barstools or extra seating. They are independently weighted and don't have sand or a water ballast systems in them, making them easier to put in the pool or take them out.

Here is a picture of a taller version of the Liquidseat underwater. It can be moved around to wherever you would like it in the pool. You can also take it out of the pool if you want to clear up that part of the pool for play or for jumping in the pool.



Here is a picture of a pool with the pool cleaner wrapped around a permanent seat and it is stuck. 

pool cleaner stuck around pool seat


Here are pool seats that are really far apart and must have had some exposed rebar and is now rusting. 

built in swim up bar seats versus Liquidseat removable pool seats


Please let us know if you have any questions at all! Thank you for reading our latest blog.


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