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Amazing Pools with Glass Walls

 Check out these "Dreamy" pools that have glass or transparant walls all over the world. Can you imagine having a pool like this?  Maybe one day, right? 


Laucala Island is a private resort in Fiji. What an amazing site! I think I will add this stop to my bucket list. For a once in a lifetime experience, go for a swim in their glass-edged pool. You can see the island’s surroundings from underwater. Also take advantage of their stone and wooden baths; they are dispersed across the island’s beachesClick Here to See The World’s Most Spectacular Hotel Pools Photo Credit: Laucala Island / Facebook


This amazing pool with glass walls goes from the inside to the outside of hte house. Check out the water floors with water flowing below the glass. Distinctive features of Acqua Liana's one-of-a-kind foyer include a suspended glass sculpture. Credit- HGTV Million Dollar Rooms   


Glass walled pool-Pool Seat Blog


Glass walled Pool-Liquidseat

Australia's Out From The Blue (OFTB) is one of the foremost landscape architecture and pool construction companies in the world. They seamlessly integrate contemporary landscape design with quality concrete pool construction, resulting in residential backyards the likes of which you'd never want to leave.
Many of their pools contain at least one transparent wall, which is fast becoming a trend amongst modern swimming pools (see the Casa Devoto pool). Now one of inner Melbourne’s leading residential landscape architecture studios, our team is expanding its practice both interstate and internationally.
Elsternwick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  Swimming Pools By OFTB



Tanga House-Pool Seat Blog


Tanga House- Liquidseat Blog

The Tangga House is another Singapore’s dream home designed by Guz Architects.

Completed in 2009, the 7,663 square foot residence is located in Holland Village, an elite district of Singapore that is famous amongst the expatriate community.

The luxury single-family home gives the owners the opportunity to live in harmony and comfort with nature, in Singapore’s hot tropical climate.

Tanga House by Guz Architects


If you are looking to add seating to your pool, check us out! 





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