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Steps To Get Your Pool Ready For Summer!

Steps To Get Your Pool Ready For Summer



After hibernating during the dreadful winter period, summer is finally here, and the accompanying cozy feel and the heat will be upon us all through. For some of us, summer comes with lots of goodies, including relaxing at the pool and lazing with a drink on one hand and Instagramming on the other. But hey! These are just what an individual needs if he or she is to enjoy a glamorous summer!

Step #1: Before opening your backyard pool, clean it!

At worst, your once-lovely pool is a large tub of dirty green water with some leaves and debris floating about. And, at best, it isn’t that bad, only that it requires a thorough cleaning using a pool-cleaning chemical. So, a must-have here is a good pre-opening plan, though it’s never easy to re-open a backyard pool - it is hectic!

Unless you have no other option, don’t empty your pool. Clean it up using a "chemical open," although I think it’s better if you anticipate a really long and tiring procedure. You must remove everything, including what’s located on the bottom. Cleaning it up could take you a week, and that’s why you might need a helping hand.

Step #2: Top it off

Expectedly, the water level must have fallen over the winter. Therefore, you have to bring it up to the regular level by topping it off. Clean the cartridge filter, the sand filter and everything that guarantees getting a clean pool. And, ensure that the water is clean.

Step #3: Professional Testing

When it comes to getting your backyard pool ready for summer, one important step that everyone should never ignore is the testing procedure. It should be done before anyone takes the dip, of course. Moreover, it never pains to hire a professional who knows a lot about the mineral content, total alkalinity, and the pH as well as the chlorine level.

A safe pool ought to be at the following levels:

  • pH 7.2-7.4
  • Total Alkalinity 80-120
  • Calcium hardness 150 ppm to 250 ppm
  • Chlorine 1 ppm to 3 ppm

Step #4: As you wait for the water to clear, typically a week or more, ensure that you get the best furniture.

Have you gathered the best summer pool furniture just yet?

Because, it’s about that time to begin planning for what type of furniture will complete the cool look of your blue (or green) pool’s beautiful look. It’s not about finding perhaps a fine hammock or a daybed or any of the top-quality swimming pool chairs, sofas and the likes ONLY!

Since you won’t spend the entire morning through afternoon swimming and playing in the pool, how about choosing a seat that allows lounging IN/around the pool?


There are countless comfy, stylish and classy pool furniture options to choose from. But, what’s likely to sweep you off your feet is a seat that allows you to “Sit, Sink and Socialize.” Yes, you heard it right - REMOVABLE Swim Up Pool seats. They are comfortable enough to guarantee an absolutely relaxing experience IN water yet stable and lightweight to be carried around.

Don’t forget to maintain your pool and keep it in its pristine condition for the rest of the season. Enjoy your fun-filled summer!

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