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Choosing the Best Pool Seating

Pool seating can make or break an outdoor setting. Choosing the best pool seating available is key to taking your backyard poolside parties to the next level.

What's the Scenario?

Depending on what kind of party or gathering you are going to throw, you'll have to decide what the best type of seating to provide to your guests. For instance, if you're going to host a dive-in movie, you'll want a healthy mix of pool floats, in pool seating (like a Liquidseat barstool), and out of pool chairs and coping seats. You should truly let the scenario dictate the type of seating that you provide for your guests. Other scenarios include a backyard barbecue, pool volleyball tournament, holiday hosting, and more. Don't be an out-of-touch host! Find the best pool seating for the scenario.

In Pool Seating

For sitting in the pool, there a good deal of options out there. Typically, pool floats are one of the more popular, but they force the person to recline back and float aimlessly around the pool. For catching sun, those are great floats, but not for socializing. If spending time with friends and family is the end goal, then a healthy mix of in pool seating and coping seating is the best way to provide a friendly and social atmosphere for your guests. For a swim-up bar feel, we highly recommend the Liquidseat. It's the lightest and easiest-to-use removable in pool bar stool on the market. Additional, coping seating is available that allows you to sit comfortably along the edge of the pool and leave their feet in the pool.

Out of Pool Seating

Typically, with any outdoor pool setting, you're going to want to provide a great place to relax, enjoy food and drink, and mingle outside of the pool. Think about family gatherings or birthday parties - not everyone is going to be interested in taking a dip, so it is imperative that you provide a nice spot to sit back, stay dry, and enjoy the backyard. Out of pool seating options range from sun chairs, ergonomic recliners, patio furniture, and more.

If you're looking for more recommendations on appropriate pool seating, or more information on what type of pool seating would be best for your backyard pool setting, check out our Guide to Pool Chairs and Pool Seating.

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