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Commercial Pool Furniture

This is a great post on pool furniture by the folks at Liquidseat. If you're looking for a fun addition to your pool, try out our submersible bar stools today!

commercial pool furniture

What is the difference between residential and commercial pool furniture?

Unlike most residential products, commercial pool furniture has to be durable, affordable, and it has to accommodate a wide range of guests, body sizes, climates, and uses. The tools that commercial pool owners use will vary depending on the type of environment they want to provide your guests. Often times, a resort or hotel is renowned for its outdoor pool (just peep our list of some of the best swim up bars) and they’ll want to partner with brands and products that support their brand.

How can commercial pools can supply great furniture for their guests?

It’s not hard to find the right fit for your commercial pool. There are wide range of companies out there that are manufacturing great, enjoyable products. We recommend starting local. Look to other local businesses who specialize in pool accessories and reach out to them. Try out their product and see if it would be a good fit for your guests. The advantages of partnering with a local product supplier are many, including supporting your local market and the ability to broadcast successful partnerships to your customers via social media chatter.

What is the advantage of buying direct from the US?

The additional advantage of buying local is that you’ve got a pulse on the type of quality you’re going to be getting. Buying local means that you’re getting a U.S.A. product, quality-controlled and manufactured by Americans.

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