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Cool Pool Accessories

This is a great post on pool accessories by the folks at Liquidseat. If you're looking for a fun addition to your pool, try out our submersible bar stools today!

We’ve said before, but as a pool owner and a bonafide backyard entertainer, you’ve got to make sure that your pool accessories personify the hip, cool, and with-it party host you want to be. Don’t get caught going out of style - stay on top of your backyard entertaining game with some of the coolest pool accessories on the market.

List of Cool Pool Accessories for Adults

What do adults like to do at their own pool? Relax, drink cocktails, listen to music, and generally chill out. Here’s a list of some great pool accessories that can help you do just that:

Pool Bar Stools

We might be biased, but one of the best ways to enjoy a refreshing drink by the pool is with a removable, submersible bar stool. You can pull a Liquidseat right up to the coping and relax and mingle with guests.

Floating Coolers

Take what you learned on the river in your college days and bring it to your pool. One of the coolest pool accessories you can provide your guests is a floating in-pool cooler for drinks. That way, no one ever has to leave the pool. This also works for soft drinks for the kids.

In-Pool Speakers

You don’t have to build speakers into your pool. There are plenty of companies out there that offer waterproof, bluetooth enabled, speakers that float around in your pool. If you don’t have the time or the budget to wire speaker to your outside, then this is a quick an dfairly cheap option to liven up the party in your pool.

Party Lights

Much like the underwater disco ball that we featured on our blog, there are plenty of accessories that help pool owners turn their pool into a nightclub. In fact you can get an accessory that displays light art on the top of your pool. Those types of accessories are a great decoration for outdoor entertaining.

Looking for more ideas on cool pool accessories? Get in touch with us today!

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