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Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips - Liquidseat

Just like your pool, your hot tub needs regular maintenance and care. Since its a smaller space with a higher water temperature, many pool owners are slightly dumbfounded about how to keep their spa clean, but it's really easy and very similar to taking care of your pool. The same rules apply.

Balance the Water Chemistry

Just like your pool, your hot tub needs to have a consistent water chemistry to maintain health and prevent the growth of bacteria. Recommended pH levels range from 7.0 - 7.6. If you want to know how to balance your water pH, read our post about Testing the pH of Your Water. Along with water chemical levels, you should regularly add chlorine and shock chemical to your hot tub as well.

Sweeping Your Hot Tub

Due to its small shape and size, hot tubs are a little more difficult to keep clean than full size pools. If you don’t have adequate circulation in your pool spa, dirt and grime can build up pretty quickly. Since typical pool brushes are wide and made for large curves, we recommend picking up a corner brush attachment for getting into those hard-to-reach spaces. Additionally, a stainless steel algae brush can help clean the bottom of your tub. Both should be readily available at your local pool supply store.

Surface Cleaning

Looking to keep the surface of your hot tub clean and sanitized? A once a year spot cleaning of your hot tub’s surface area can help keep your pool spa sparkling and shining all year long. For small surface stains, baking soda and a small non-abrasive brush goes a long way to preventing grim build up and dark spots.

Keeping Your Hot Tub Going Throughout the Winter

During the winter months, when you winterize your pool, you may still want to use your hot tub. Keeping your tub hot when it’s freezing outside requires constant heating to prevent the your pipes from freezing and combat cold air temperatures. This causes additional stress to your heating system and can cost homeowners more money in energy expenses. For any hot tub, you can purchase a thermal cover that will help keep your tub’s water temperature up, reducing the amount of energy consumption needed to keep it warm.

Keeping your hot tub healthy and safe isn’t hard as long as you’re performing regular maintenance and keeping it in good condition during the winter months.

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