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Pool and Patio Furniture

How can pool and patio furniture help your outdoor setting?

Your pool and your patio are connected. For pool owners, their patio area is the entryway to the pool, the foyer to the backyard. As such, it’s important to make sure you pay as much attention to your patio furniture as you pay to your pool. The same way you spend time cleaning and decorating your pool area, you should devote that time to ensuring your patio is fully outfitted.

What is the difference between pool and patio furniture?

Patio and pool furniture are different. They serve different purposes, require different materials for production, and can withstand different types of weather. Generally, your patio furniture is going to be for entertaining with food and beverage. Dining and lounging furniture can be made of a variety of materials, including cushioned wicker loungers as well as glass and alloy dining sets.

For your pool furniture, you’re going to want something that is much more durable against moisture. Anything close to the pool is subject to getting soaked so you’ll want to opt for a durable plastic or polyethylene.

How should I maintain my pool and patio furniture?

Due the very nature of pool and patio furniture, maintaining them should be fairly simple. Just make sure that you’re protecting your more sensitive pieces of furniture from the elements. Keep wicker and cushions out of direct sunlight and prevent them from being exposed to too much moisture.

For more information on how to maintain your pool and patio furniture, get in touch with Liquidseat today!

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