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Guide to Pool Chairs and Pool Seating

While, it's not rocket science, selecting the right pool chair for your backyard entertainment setting can present a lot of options to the discerning consumer. Want to provide a laid-back vibe? Plenty of comfortable seating around the patio is essential. Want to catch some rays? Set a few reclining lawn chairs out around the edge of your pool so you and your friends can lay out. Want to spice up your pool parties? Set up bar stools around your pool and serve ice cold mojitos to your friends right on the coping.

Learn everything you need to know about different types of pool seating below:

In Pool Bar Stool

Swim up bar stool, pool stool, in pool seating - whatever you want to call it, an in-the-pool bar stool is the way to go if you want to make your backyard pool feel like a resort-style swim up bar. While some resorts have in pool bar stools built into the foundation of the pool, residential pools often don't have that luxury. Don't worry, though, there's another way! Submergible bar stools come in many shapes and sizes. Most are made out of a durable, polyethylene plastic and require additional weight to be added to the base so that it sinks and stays at the bottom of the pool. Others utilize an air and water system to sink to the bottom and are easy to put in and out of the pool. Liquidseat's in pool seat is unique in that way. Easy to remove from the pool, the Liquidseat is stackable and weighs about 15 pounds out of the pool. In-pool bar stools are a great way to turn a typical pool setting into a resort style swim up bar! To learn more about in-pool bar stools, visit our products page.

Sun Chairs

More common than in-pool bar stools, sun chairs are your typical reclining, full-length chairs. Also known as lounge chairs, the reclined seats allow you to catch the sun's rays along the full length of your body, making it the ideal way to get a good base tan for the long summer. Different brands of lounge chairs are composed of a wide array of materials. Your typical bottom of the line sun chairs have strong aluminum frames with breathable mesh or woven plastic. New designs include a stylish and sleek zero-gravity design, unique in the way it reclines. Typically, sun chairs are easy to move and position around the pool due to their lightweight design. 

In Pool Chairs and Floats

You may think that pool floats are only for kids, but there are plenty of adult options available for those who want to provide a fun and mature setting for enjoying a book and cold drink while in your pool. There are a wide range of in-pool floats available out there and they differ in design and material composition. If you're looking to lay out, you may want to look into foam pool floats that have a built in head rest and are extremely durable. For more of a relaxed and lounging feel, reclining in-pool chairs allow you to float, enjoy a book and a drink. You can also get group pool seating so that you can enjoy a good float with friends. 


The options are endless. For any desired setting, there is a pool chair accessory that fits the mold. 


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