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Pool Furniture

This is a great post on pool furniture by the folks at Liquidseat. If you're looking for a fun addition to your pool, try out our submersible bar stools today!

pool furniture - liquidseat

Though some pool owners may not realize it, your pool is much more than clean water sitting inside a concrete hole in your backyard. Your pool is the experience of your backyard - from your layout to your amenities, to your outdoor pool furniture. In fact, some home decorators would say that your pool furniture is the most important part of your pool. This is especially true for commercial pools.

That's why it's an important consideration when you're planning a get together or pool party. You want your guests to feel accommodated and taken care of. You want them to relax when they're around, not fight over the last plastic chair.

What options are there for pool furniture?

The options for pool furniture are endless. It really depends on what kind of pool environment you want to supply to your guests. Loungers, patio furniture, shade devices, pool floats, and pool bar stools all add to the overall appeal and experience of your pool. We’ve listed out some typical combinations below:

  • Relaxing: Definitely want to have an abundance of reclining loungers and full-length pool floats.
  • Entertaining/Dining: Outdoor dining is the best! For that though, you need some really great patio furniture and you need to make sure that its kept nice and clean so people feel safe eating off of it.
  • Pool Day with the Kids: Definitely a lot of floats. Chances are those kids are going to be in the pool ALL DAY. Having a few extra noodles lying around isn’t a bad idea.

During the middle of last century, home decor became a major status symbol. In general, people wanted to express their own personal style in a lot of ways, and that included how their house looked and felt. As pools became a more prominent fixture in households across the U.S., that same attention to details has been projected outward. Today, the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior.

It's a common occurrence these days: homeowner spends a lot of time picking out new fixtures, bright colors, and great furniture for their home, but completely neglect their backyard. Don't make the mistake that we see so many homeowners make. Invest in your backyard ambiance.

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