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Pool Furniture: The Ideal Situation, Choices, and Maintenance

Imagine An Outdoor Setting Where You Have No Pool Furniture

Picture this: it’s summertime - about 95 degrees. It’s around noon on Saturday and you’ve decided to host a low key party at your pool. So you go out to the grocery store, pick up supplies for cocktails, ice for brews, meat to grill with, Portabello mushrooms for the vegetarians, and bring everything back home for the shindig. You get all the food ready, drinks on ice, people are starting to come over, and when they move outside, you realize you’ve only got four patio seats for ten guests. So now your guests are forced to huddle around a card table and eat while standing. 

Don't let this happen you your guests. Pool furniture is crucial to providing a great setting for entertainment and commingling.

Different Types of Pool Furniture

For the average pool owner, there are a wide range of options for pool and patio seating. Depending on your outdoor layout, available space, and what kind of environment you want to present, the perfect combination exists. For food and beverage entertaining a nice set of patio furniture is the ideal. Make sure that you provide your guests with plenty of table space (things can get cluttered pretty quick in an outdoor grill out) and room to spread out.

For sitting around the pool, there are plenty of in between options that provide efficiency, flexibility, and comfort for sitting right around the pool.

Maintaining your pool furniture in the off-season

During the off-season, when most of your entertaining is going to be held inside, you’ll want to make sure that your pool furniture is going to be protected from the elements. Vinyl covers are a great way to prevent water damage during the winter months, and supplying plenty of shade (perhaps a temporary tent) can prevent sun damage during the summer.

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