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Pool Seats

A lot of our customers come to us needing help to accessorize and organize their backyard pool and patio. The first place we like to start is with the seating. Being pool seat purveyors and bonafide experts in poolside entertaining, your backyard and pool seating is one of the most important aspects of how comfortable you and your guests are hanging out in your backyard.

Patio Seating

The first thing to consider when choosing outdoor seating is what sort of activities you want to promote. If you grill out often and spend time sitting around a patio table, then you'll want to make sure that you've got plenty of room for people to eat and be comfortable. There are plenty of options available for outdoor patio seating. We recommend making sure that your table and seating is comfortable, durable, and waterproof.

Pool Seating

For spending time in your pool, there are a bunch of seating and float options available out there. A simple Google search on "pool seating" will reveal a wide array of pool seating options - everything from poolside seating to floats and more. The best way to approach narrowing down what to buy is to determine what sort of activity you want to promote in and around your pool. Long, foam floats and floating chairs are great ways to enjoy relaxing near the pool. There are also plenty of seating options that utilize your pool's coping so homeowners can dangle their feet in the water at they sit poolside.

For sitting in the pool, our submersible, removable bar stools offer a great way to relax upright in you pool and enjoy a great drink. They offer a new, unique way to enjoy sitting in your pool. For a comprehensive look at pool seating, visit our guide to pool seats and pool seating.

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