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Preventing Algae Build-up

Preventing Algae Build-up - Liquidseat

Pool algae is one of the most common issues that pool owners have to deal with during year round. Algae is a plant that grows in pools due to warm temperatures and chemical imbalance. Under the right conditions, a serious algae problem can come up seemingly overnight. Here are steps that pool owners can take to prevent algae from becoming a summer-ruining problem.

Regular Shocking and Sanitation

A consistent and adequate amount of chlorine is the best way to ensure that algae won’t bloom in your pool. Chlorine kills algae. Usually, your desired chlorine levels in your pool are between 2.0 and 4.0 ppm (parts per million) making your water an uninhabitable environment for algae and safe for use for your friends and family. Additionally, shocking your pool on a weekly basis helps to eliminate any algae spores forming in your sanitizer.

Constant Circulation

Algae loves nothing more than stagnant water. By keeping your pool in consistent circulation you’re making your pool a highly unfavorable environment for algae growth. By keeping your filters and skimmers clean, your pool will have an easier time circulating your water.


There are many different types of algaecides available for use to prevent algae blooms. By regularly applying algaecide you can add an extra layer of defense against algae showing up.

Use Your Pool

Along with maintaining regular circulation, regular pool use is a great way to prevent algae from forming and it’s definitely the most fun way to do it. Algae likes stagnant water and splashing around in your pool helps keep the skimmers in action.

Following these simple tips will help keep you pool happy and algae free all summer long!

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