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Proper Water Level

A healthy water level in your pool will help keep your pool clean and safe for use all year round. Water level impacts several aspects of your regular pool care and maintenance. An inconsistent water level can eventually lead to a dirty pool, unhealthy swimming conditions, and worse. There's really no hard and fast rule on pool water levels, but typically, a healthy water level sits halfway up the skimmer level line. Too much water and your skimmers won’t be able to clean surface debris from the pool. Too little water and your water intake will suck in air in addition to water, putting a strain on your circulating system, and leading to algae bloom.

Making adjustments to your water level is simple. You can easily reduce water levels by pumping off excess water through your dump valve. To increase your water levels, simply fill your pool with a garden hose. You can also constantly regulate your water levels with a water control valve. Those products are usually available for at your local pool supply store.

Example of High Water Level:

Example of High Water Level - Liquidseat

Example of Low Water Level:

Example of High Water Level - Liquidseat

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