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Swim Up Bar Stools

If you've ever been to the Caribbean or a posh Vegas hotel, you may have noticed that those resorts are all about their poolside entertainment and accoutrements. Everything from cabanas, to music, to drinks, to wait staff, to great in pool seating, to plenty of toys and games for the kids. Have you ever been there and thought, "why can't I get this kind of thing going at my backyard pool?"

Well, with Liquidseat's submersible, removable, swim up bar stools, you can get that great swim up bar feel at your home. Our product is perfect for any home pool that has a flat bottom at a shallow end and ample coping. If you're looking to impart a little bit of the Caribbean or Vegas in your own life, your best bet is our easy-to-use swim up bar stools. They're easy to install - just throw them in the water and watch them sink to the bottom. When you're ready to remove them, just lift them out of the pool and stack them away.

Swim up bar stools are unique pool products for both residential and commercial pools. Unlike other pool seats and floats, these underwater bar stools sit in the water and allow you to enjoy your pool in a new way. Sit next to the coping and relax like you're at your favorite watering hole, or sit in the middle of your pool and relax in the water. Our pool seats make for a new and fun way to enjoy your backyard pool.

Are you a commercial pool owner? Get in touch with us about getting the Liquidseat in your pool.

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