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Swimming Pool Furniture

What is swimming pool furniture?

Swimming pool furniture can be defined as any type of furniture situated in or outside of your pool. This can include floats, poolside seats, patio furniture - even your grill can be considered part of your pool furniture. Really, if you’ve got a pool in your backyard, you’ve got swimming pool furniture all around it.

How should you maintain your swimming pool furniture?

Year-round, your pool furniture is going to be outside. That means during the summer months they’re going to be subjected to extreme temperatures. During the winter months they’re also going to be subjected to colder temperatures, possibly even snow and or sleet. Whether you’re dealing with durable plastic or cushion-covered wicker furniture, you’ve got to make sure that you protect your outdoor assets. In general, you want to remove your furniture from the elements.

Going to be hot outside? Put your furniture in the shade. Constant, harsh sunlight can degrade what is otherwise extremely durable plastic.

Going to rain outside? Cover up your furniture. Over time, rain will degrade and ruin wicker furniture.

What should you do with your swimming pool furniture when its not in use?

During the off-season, when you’re going to be staying indoors, stowing away your outdoor furniture is a good way to prevent wear and tear and extend the life of your furniture for years. For most pool owners, your intake and filter manifold sits within a fenced-off area which makes for a great place to stash your furniture. If you don’t have that kind of space, there are plenty of plastic, installable containers available at home supply stores.

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