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Pool Furniture, Swimming pool furniture, Pool seat, Pool stool, Pool accessories, Swimming Pool accessories, Parrot Head, swim up bar





football season from the pool

It's football season! What a better way to enjoy the game but from the comfort of your own pool? Don't have this exact set up?:) It's ok......add some of our Liquidseats pool seating in your pool! Enjoy.


Pool stools for movie night in the pool

With the rise of dine-in movie theaters, people are seeing the benefit of creating enjoyable atmospheres to watch movies other than the living room. One of the best summer activities for families is hosting a dive-in movie in your backyard. They're pretty easy to set up with the right equipment and a couple of Liquidseat submersible removable bar stools.

There are a number of options for screens. Anything from a standard projector screen to inflatable movie screens will do, or if you have blank wall, that will work as well. Projectors can run anywhere from $200 up into the thousands and can connect to a number of devices. 

After you've got a setup, pick your movie, pull up a few Liquidseats and you're good to go!


Are you wanting to do movie night in your pool? What a great way to add our unique in pool seating so everyone can watch it from the comfort of inside the pool!